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With this web log, I hope to provide you with some basic instruction, carving tips and news on woodcarving and whittling.  Please check out the articles on the right column.  I hope you find them educational and helpful.

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Please visit my web site at  www.MichaelKellerWoodcarving.com.   While my blog presents valuable information, my web site shows a representation of my work including pieces currently for sale.   You will also find information about classes, my background, and my Artist’s Statement.


Guest Contributor Don Mertz
You don’t want to miss the deeply meaningful discussion of  ‘Journey of  Woodcarving presented by Donald K. Mertz .  I think you will agree that this is written from the heart and powerfully expresses the woodcarving experience as you have never heard it before.  Obviously Don is a gifted carver and in September of 2009, he was elected to the membership of the Caricature Carvers of America.   I don’t know about you, but I like being friends with someone so talented.


Important Disclosure: Wood carving and whittling may be habit forming and could prevent you from engaging in household chores and other unpleasant tasks.  Carving is enjoyable and you may be prone to sharing it with others; thus, causing them to experience the same distractions from less pleasant tasks as you may experience yourself.


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“It is well with me only when I have a gouge or a carving knife in my hand.”  …modified adaptation of original quote by Michelangelo.


Serious Disclosure:

Woodcarving is inherently dangerous.  When using woodcarving tools be sure to read and follow all manufacturers instructions.  Utilize safety equipment such as carver’s gloves, a leather apron, chainsaw chaps, eye and ear protection, appropriate foot wear and other items as appropriate to your woodcarving activity.  Always be “carveful.”

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