Posted by: Michael Keller Woodcarving | February 26, 2011

Woodcarving Illustrated Forum

Woodcarvers are always looking for good resources and these days there are plenty of good ones.  But, probably one of the absolute best is Woodcarving Illustrated and it’s Forum.  Not only is Woodcarving Illustrated arguably the best woodcarving publication in North America, they have a great website where they freely offer resources for both the seasoned and the novice carver.  In my view, Woodcarving Illustrated’s Forum is an endless source of valuable content.  The Forum is authored by literally thousands of participants… all carvers and all with experience to share.  I can’t imagine a subject that has not been discussed within the Forum.  And if there is a subject absent from the Forum, believe me, a Forum member somewhere has had experience to share if you only ask the question.

The beauty of the WI Forum is that anyone that joins has the ability to ask questions and provide commentary on other carver’s questions or comments.

If you have not already accessed the Forum, I strongly suggest you do so.  Not only can your own questions be answered but you can help others with theirs… or you can just plain offer an opinion.  By the way, your opinions are important and if you help only one person with a comment, you have contributed greatly to another’s life and success.

When I started carving, Chip Chats and a handful of books were the sole resources available.  As good as they were at the time, they were not interactive and the were not as far reaching with subject matter as is WI’s Forum.

I have observed that Woodcarving Illustrated is pretty dang generous with their resources.  They offer articles from their Magazine and photos… all at no charge.  They are not at all stingy with what they share.

By the way, most of the expert woodcarvers in North America are members of the Forum.

I am one woodcarver that would like to thank Woodcarving Illustrated for the service and generosity that they share with the woodcarving community.

I would also like to thank the many woodcarvers that generously offer advice based upon their own experience.  Kudos to all!


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