Posted by: Michael Keller Woodcarving | June 9, 2012

Sharing Your Passion of Woodcarving

As a wood carver you are a pretty special person.  You are special because you get to work with what I consider the most wonderful medium on the planet – wood.

Wood is beautiful;

Wood feels good to touch;

Wood often smells good;

Wood is warm;

Wood is natural;

Wood holds a wonderful energy;

Wood can convey who you are through sharing what it is you do with wood and how you do it.

I believe that it is important to share your wood carving experience with anyone and everyone interested.

First, you are sharing your talent with your community and the world.

You may share with art enthusiasts or other woodcarvers… or maybe more importantly… with someone who is wishing to carve wood for the first time… perhaps a young person.

If your art is sincere and you are true to your own inner voice, then you are also sharing something from within yourself…  Something from you heart and soul.  You are sharing your thoughts, feelings, likes, philosophies, character, sensitivities, etc.  You are sharing a piece of yourself.  You are sharing your heart.

Your art awakens responses, thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc. in the viewers.  They may be different than yours.  Perhaps they will kindle wonderful memories in the observer.  But, your gift is giving them an opportunity to see and feel and experience something within themselves.  Perhaps your gift will be the gift of inspiration to another carver or student.  Perhaps your art will ignite something from the deep past.

When you are lucky enough to visit with someone who responds to your art, whether it be your art itself or your skills and processes, there is a mutual sharing as you build a relationship.  You are connecting personally with them.

If done right, your woodcarving, your art should be about sharing.  I urge you to share your story.  Share you passion. Share your motivation.  Share your anecdotes. Etc.

Art is sharing. On many levels.

Thank you for visiting.  Keep sharp and stay true.

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  1. As usual, very well put, you have a talent with the words and wood.

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