Posted by: Michael Keller Woodcarving | November 7, 2017

Spoon Carvin’ Jack by Flex Cut

Hi everyone.   It has been a very long time since I made a post.  Truth is, I kind of ran out of topics.  One type of posts that I have always enjoyed doing are product reviews.  Being totally independent and not accepting compensation, I can be completely honest with my observation.

Spoon Carvin' Jack

Flexcut recently released their newest knife… the Spoon Carvin’ Jack.  I hate to put the punch line first, but I must.  In my opinion, this may be their best knife yet.  Here is why:

Blades.  The Spoon Carvin’ Jack has three blades.  1.) A 1 3/8th inch straight knife blade… the same blade as is found in Flexcut’s other Jack knives that they call a “detail knife.”  In my mind it is a little large to get the “detail’ title but it is a good sized blade for hand carving.  2.) A 1 3/8 shallow bent knife that is unique to the Spoon Carvin’ Jack.  I like it as it is good for slightly concaved work that cannot be done with a straight blade. The shape of this blade is typical of many North Coast Indian bent knives.  For some reason, Flexcut calls this a Hook Knife.  It’s not a hook; it is bent.  And 3.) A 1-inch deep bent knife blade.  This is the same bent knife blade found in Flexcut’s Carvin’ Jack.  This, too, is a great blade for whittling and carving.   All blades lock solidly.  As with all Flexcut Jacks, the blade pivot is a little rough, but they do smooth out with use.  Although, my Detail Jack takes force to get it to completely shut and I have been using it for over a year.

Like all Flexcut blades, they come dang sharp with a low bevel… perfect in my mind.

The blades are mounted in such a way that if you hold the knife in your left hand, the blade edges are away from you, which is perfect for carving away from you (pushing rather than pulling).  So, obviously, if you hold it in your right hand, you will be making pull cuts.

Handle.  This is Flexcut’s first folder with an extremely comfortable aluminum handle.  The scales are ergonomic with deep and comfortable cross hatching.  This is a wonderful feature and I wished all Flexcut folders were fitted in such a manner.  By ergonomic, I mean, the scales have a light bulge to them.  I cannot over emphasize how comfortable this knife is in my hand.

Size.  The knife is 4 ¼ inches in length, closed… the same as the Carvin’ Jack.  It is 7/8” thick as compared to the 5/8” thick Carvin’ Jack.  Between the size and the handle material and shape, I find this to be the most comfortable folding carving knife I own.

Price.  The list price is $124.95.  I bought mine from Greg Dorrance Company ( for $99.96.  Not only is that a good price but Greg Dorrance provides expert advice and the best service that I have found anywhere in woodcarving land.  And, Greg actually answers the phone if you happen to call.

Bottom Line.  I love the Spoon Carvin’ Jack as I do the Carving Jack’s.  I highly recommend it for whittling, carving, and oh yes, spoon carving.

Be “carveful” and stay sharp!

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