About Us

Let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Keller and I own and operate White Eagle Studios, a woodcarving studio located in the mountains above beautiful Lake Chelan, Washington.

My goal is to introduce and promote wood carving to Chelan and all of North Central Washington, and thanks to the Internet, the rest of the World.

My carving experience spans nearly 50 years although I did not actually start taking carving seriously until high school age. My grandmother probably deserves the greatest credit for interesting me in woodcarving. When I was very young, I was taken by a small Chinese figurine that my grandmother had carved from a piece of 2X4 construction pine using a paring knife from her kitchen. That little figurine was so very beautiful and my Grandmother had created it with nothing more than a paring knife and food coloring. Wow; I was highly impressed and that is all it took to launch me into woodcarving.

All my life, I have had a reverence for wood. Its texture, fragrance, and natural color exemplify the beauty found in and of the earth. I work to unveil the unique story within each piece of wood, creating a legacy for future generations to enjoy. My choice of subject matter varies widely. However, I generally choose a subject that tells a story or relates to the observer in a mystical manner. I have carved literally thousands of objects ranging from the most simple to the complex found in the grandness of nature and legend. Working with wood is a wonderful experience. It is an privilege to select a piece of wood, to study the grain and form, and to consider how best to add or uncover images which symbolize the magic of my memories, my existence, and my experience.

Now, I enjoy teaching nearly as much as I enjoy carving. Through White Eagle Studios, I offer classes at all levels of instruction. Most folks agree that carving is much more enjoyable when done with other carvers. From time to time, White Eagle Studios will also bring in expert guest instructors to teach special classes.

An Invitation to Join Me

I invite your comments and your participation in my site.  If you wish to leave a comment, please go to the “Comments” page and enter on the Comment Form.  All submissions will be reviewed before they are published.

You are invited to enter a guest article of your own related to wood carving.  Due to size constraints, your article should not exceed 800 words. If used, I will credit the article to you and provide a link to your own site and/or your e-mail address.   I do reserve the right to review for appropriateness; and, if necessary, make minor modifications. Submit articles to: mkeller@whiteeaglestudios.com.  Thanks for joining me. 

Please visit www.whiteeaglestudios.com .

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